Site History

The old JSE building is located in Newtown, a suburb in Johannesburg CBD with numerous developments targeted at “inner-city regeneration” which aims to upgrade the suburb to a safer, more attractive and accessible area.

The area was named Newtown in October 1904 after the area had been set alight destroying everything in the inferno, allegedly to combat the bubonic plague that had broken out. It was a place which thrived commercially and became synonymous with the heritage and culture of South Africa, especially Johannesburg. Newtown’s rich history includes the erection of the Jeppe Street Power Station which came into operation in September 1927.

As with many cities in the world, Johannesburg’s city center went through a period of stagnation and degeneration. the concept of the inner city regeneration was adopted to reverse the adverse effects of the deterioration of the area, by introducing new developments, such as the upgrade of Jeppe Street Power Station, namely Turbine Square which is adjacent to the old JSE building.



The site is located in the heart of spanning Johannesburg CBD, at 17 Diagonal Street. An area of 6.8 acres is accessible by pedestrians from all sides. the site is closely situated to Anglo Gold Ashanti Building which was recently completed.


About Us

JSE Newtown is located in Newtown, Johannesburg with numerous developments being rented out in the Gauteng area.

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